7 Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

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Even veteran gardeners make rookie mistakes, like giving plants too much water and too little space. Here are common garden blunders. Consider yourself warned. It’s easy to misjudge and make a mess out of your landscaping. Here are seven common garden blunders, and how to avoid them. Mistake #1: Too many changes, too soon The […]

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Offer for Your Home

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Have a plan for reviewing purchase offers so you don’t let the best slip through your fingers. 1. Understand the process All offers are negotiable, as your agent will tell you. When you receive an offer, you can accept it, reject it, or respond by asking that terms be modified, which is called making a […]

7 Tips for a Profitable Home Closing

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Be sure you’re walking away with all the money you’re entitled to from the sale of your home. 1. Take services out of your name Avoid a dispute with the buyers after closing over things like fees for the cable service you forgot to discontinue. Contact every utility and service provider to end or transfer […]

Treatment Options for Getting Rid of Insects

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You can limit the use of pesticides by enlisting a variety of strategies and methods to eliminate pests. Conventional pesticide treatment With conventional pest control, the name of the game is extermination. The operator kills the insects with chemicals—often applied as sprays—and reapplies the pesticides on a regular schedule to prevent another infestation. That means […]

Fielding a Lowball Purchase Offer on Your Home

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Consider before you ignore or outright refuse a very low purchase offer for your home. A counteroffer and negotiation could turn that low purchase offer into a sale. Check your emotions A purchase offer, even a very low one, means someone wants to purchase your home. Unless the offer is laughably low, it deserves a […]

Paint Your House like a Pro with these Useful Tips

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A great coat of paint makes all of the difference in the world to your home. These tricks of the pros will help you to get the results you want. Quality. Cheap brushes and cheap paint are amateur choices. Quality paint gives good value because it takes less paint and less time to cover the […]

The Pros and Cons of Condo Ownership

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Condo living often elicits images of carefree weekends sitting beside the pool, but there are some pros and cons to consider before making a purchase. 1. The Lifestyle Itself: One of the biggest advantages of condo living can also become a disadvantage. The sense of community, amenities and other features that originally attracted you to […]

Staging: an Essential Secret to Selling

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Here are the top reasons why home-staging matters, and how you can make it work for you: A picture is worth a thousand words: Over 80% of home buyers begin their search online, so the first impression of your home might be the last. Make sure your home looks its best. Browsers spend more time […]

How to Help Your Agent Build a Winning Sales Strategy

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Communicating with your real estate agent is the key to developing a winning strategy to show your property in the best possible light. The following tips might help you avoid frustration and increase the odds of a successful showing: Be Honest: The first step is to be completely honest with your agent. Make sure the […]

Six House Repairs to Tackle

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By Karen Haywood Queen – Bankrate.com The price of neglect In this economy, you may be tempted to delay or even skip minor home maintenance repairs, cleaning jobs, and inspections in your home. But don’t be a penny-wise and a dollar-foolish. That $200 or $300 you save today could result in expenditures of $3,000 or […]