Maurice Fatio – Palm Beach Society Architect

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The buildings and homes of Palm Beach were largely built in the 1920’s born of the industrial revolution and a new kind of American aristocrat with great wealth and the desire to flaunt it.  Maurice Fatio and his partner William A. Treanor, both New York-based architects, opened an office in Palm Beach in the 1920’s. […]

Addison Mizner – Palm Beach Society Architect

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Addison Mizner (12/12/1887 – 2/5/1933) is one of the best known society architects of the roaring twenties and has created exceptional examples of Palm Beach Real Estate. A natural born talented artist, never having attended a single architecture class;  he landed an apprenticeship with San Francisco architect Willis Jefferson Polk, and quickly was promoted to […]

Marion Sims Wyeth

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Marion Sims Wyeth arrived in Palm Beach in 1919 and spent the next sixty years designing numerous mansions and projects including Mar-A-Lago, Casa and the Norton Museum of Art. His work was so successful that he eventually was elected a fellow of the American Institute of Architects. Wyeth was born in 1889 in New York […]

2011 Palm Beach Real Estate Quarterly Report

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