John Volk – Palm Beach Society Architect

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John L. Volk (10/15/1901 – 2/20/1984) is considered to be one of Palm Beach’s premier Society Architects. Responsible for some of Palm Beach’s most notable landmarks and homes, including the Royal Poinciana Plaza and Playhouse, the Beach Club, and in 1944 redesigning the Bath and Tennis Club. Volk is also responsible for homes for the […]

Seven Things that Will Stop Your House Selling

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Wrong Price If your house is too expensive compared to similar properties on the market, you’ll turn away viewers. So take your agent’s advice when it comes to setting a price for your home. Unpleasant odors You may not even notice bad odors, but buyers surely will. Smoking and pets are the prime causes, so […]

40 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Palm Beach Luxury Home

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Luxury’s New Market Realities 1. It is a great time to buy – really! Compared to real estate overall, the high-end has seen a resurgence in sales but there is still no shortage of excellent buying opportunities. Equally desirable are interest rates, which even for jumbo loans are exceptionally low. 2. Trading up? Sell low, […]