How to Make Your Home’s Entrance Enticing

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Curb appeal is vital if you want your home to sell quickly for a good price. To create that enticing look, you don’t necessarily have to undertake extensive landscaping or major fixes to the exterior of the building. Instead, you could just concentrate on the entrance to your house. Lead them in You want to […]

How to Make Your Home First Choice for Buyers

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Thinking about selling your home but worried about the competition? Whether you live in a cookie-cutter neighborhood where every home looks more or less the same or you simply need a few fresh ideas to help your home stand out from the rest for sale on the same street, use these simple tips to make […]

How to Show Your Home if You Have a Pet

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Selling a home with a pet in residence can be a difficult undertaking. Many home buyers – even those with pets of their own at home – can be put off by yours. Pets Can Make Visitors Nervous No one thinks of their own pet as scary. But even the mildest mannered cat or dog […]

What Makes a Home Environmentally Friendly?

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One of the hottest real estate trends in today’s market is green building, as home builders respond to an increasing demand for energy efficient and environmentally friendlier homes. The focus is generally on energy conservation, the use of environmentally preferable products and materials, and making indoor environments healthier. Green building offers many benefits. It can […]

How to Benefit from a Home Inspection

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Buyers are often tempted to cut corners on things like home inspections to save money for fun items like furniture or a big-screen television. Don’t! A home inspection is one of the best investments you can make when purchasing a new home or other real estate. Learn how to use a home inspection to your […]

How to Choose an Energy-Efficient Lightbulb

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More and more people are switching to energy-efficient lightbulbs (compact fluorescent lighting) to save money and protect the environment. These new bulbs last eight times longer than an old incandescent bulb, save about $30 in energy costs over a bulb’s lifetime and generate less heat, making them safer to operate. But it’s difficult to choose […]

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