Sellers: The Secret to Making Buyers ‘Belong’ in Your Home

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It’s only natural for your home to reflect your personal style, but when it comes time to sell, what makes a house a home becomes a major hindrance. Learn how to depersonalize your home in order to obtain the best price. Go Neutral: Unless your favorite color scheme is completely neutral, it’s time to get […]

What Makes a Home Environmentally Friendly?

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One of the hottest real estate trends in today’s market is green building, as home builders respond to an increasing demand for energy efficient and environmentally friendlier homes. The focus is generally on energy conservation, the use of environmentally preferable products and materials, and making indoor environments healthier. Green building offers many benefits. It can […]

10 Easy Mistakes Home Owners Make on Their Taxes

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By: G. M. Filisko Published: January 5, 2012 Don’t rouse the IRS or pay more taxes than necessary — know the score on each home tax deduction and credit. Sin #1: Deducting the wrong year for property taxes You take a tax deduction for property taxes in the year you (or the holder of your […]

Why it Makes Sense to Work with an Agent

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If you have ever wondered why it’s better to work with an agent rather than listing “by owner,” you aren’t alone. Superficially, selling a home seems easy – until you actually try it. According to statistics, nearly 80% of people give up and list with an agent   after months of costly and time-consuming delay. Here […]

6 Home Deduction Traps and How to Avoid Them

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By: Barbara Eisner Bayer Published: January 5, 2012 Get an “A” on your Schedule A Form: Dodge these tax deduction pitfalls to save time, money, and an IRS investigation. Trap #1: Line 6 – real estate taxes Your monthly mortgage payment often includes money for a tax escrow, from which the lender pays your local […]

Tips to Make Sure Your Home is Priced to Sell

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Pricing right is one of the most important aspects to selling a home. Price too low, and you are leaving hard-earned money on the table or worse…you can actually create a reverse incentive for buyers to view the home since they may assume the property is in need of extensive repairs. Price too high, and […]

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