9 Unexpected Energy (and Money) Savers

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Here are a few surprising and simple ways to cut your energy bill this season. Put lamps in the corners: Did you know you can switch to a lower wattage bulb in a lamp or lower its dimmer switch and not lose a noticeable amount of light? It’s all about placement. When a lamp is […]

7 Hot Home Improvement Trends that Make Your Home Work for You

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Home improvement trends embrace energy efficiency, low maintenance exteriors, and double-duty space. Trend #1: Maintenance-free siding We continue to choose maintenance-free siding that lives as long as we do, but with a lot less upkeep. But more and more we’re opting for fiber-cement siding, one of the fastest-growing segments of the siding market. It’s a […]

How to Decide Which Plants Get Water During a Drought

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High heat and drought present home owners with a Sophie’s Choice: Which plants deserve to live, and which should die? Here’s how to choose. 1. Is my lawn really worth it? No! Lawns take lots of water and fertilizer to stay green. In drought, let your grass die and reseed when (and if) the rain […]

5 Plants You (Almost) Never Have to Water

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Not every plant is a big drinker; some can get along with only a few sips. Here are 5 drought-resistant plants that won’t break your water budget. Susan Gottlieb, an expert on drought-tolerant gardens, says native plants have the best chance of surviving dry summers or whatever nature throws at them. “Natives have evolved to […]